About Istanbul Kebab

Located at 355 High St, Kirkcaldy KY1 1JN, Istanbul Kebab Pizza House is best renowned for its perfect recipes for a whole range of tasty pizzas.

Our other dishes like crispy Calzones, homemade Wraps, freshly made Pizzas, juicy Kebabs, value Meal Deals, decadent Desserts and so on are no less than our Pizzas in taste and variety.

Indulge in a slice of Chocolate Fudge Cake for afternoon tea or simply go for our most incredible Snickers. Packed with peanut, they really satisfy.

Our menu also serves Turkish-style foods, for preference. Try our Istanbul Pizzas and Turkish Burgers as they provide you with a recipe of pleasure and adventure.

You are planning a family dinner for your weekend? Then what better than our value Meal Deals that can be appealing to every taste? Try them and see it for yourself.

Want to lie down on your couch and watch your favourite film? Perfect time to place an order for our crispy Chips and spicy Chicken Bites to add to the excitement of your movie.

When in High Street, you can ask a local resident, ‘Do you have any idea where the best takeaway is near me?’. For sure, you’ll be directed to our shop.

Don’t miss out on our exclusive 10% discount we give on online orders.

We are now proudly a member of Mealzo online ordering portal. If your order is over £15 and you place it through this portal, you will receive a £3 off.

Last but not least, you are welcome to give us phone calls at 01592 377 980 to ask your questions about the services and the foods we offer.

Thank you for making us your first choice.




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